Spot On – Licenced to Trill

Licensed to Trill

Licensed to Trill

Aughton Village Hall hosted another fabulous event from ‘Spot On’, with Licensed to Trill on Sunday (27th November 2011).

This is the latest successful event from Spot On hosted at the hall, following on from events such as Ben Osbourne’s “Jurassic Coast” as well as many others. The audience loved “Opera Dudes” with its wonderful music and superb voices with the whole show being funny and quirky, including audience participation in songs and mimes which especially entertained the younger members of the audience, with the parents, grandparents and other adults enthralled by the sheer variety of the performance.

“Licensed to Trill” was the title of the show, but it went far beyond the 007 theme from burlesque to high opera and back again.

What did the Audience think?

So wonderfully professional

When can we see them again?

Outstanding, the best show I’ve ever see at the Village Hall

The event was presented through a collaboration between Aughton Village Hall and Spot On.

If you missed it and or would just love to see ‘posh and bricks’ again then check out there website:

Spot On will be back with another fabulous performance soon.

The description of Licensed to Trill

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