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The Acorn Suite was built after the main part of Aughton Village Hall being added in the 1980’s. It features a large hall with a small self kitchen, independent entrance, as well as being linked into the main entrance and Oakleaf suite. There is a piano available for qualified players and this hall is also covered by the premises license.

The hall is used through the week for a range of classes ranging from Pilates to Whist.

The hall is available most of the weekend and at some points during the week.

The Acorn Suite is an excellent venue for a children’s party with plenty of space for activities, a kitchen for keeping and serving food from, as well as an excellent area outside.

We offer the Acorn Suite for a 4 hour afternoon children’s party including the kitchen for only £65.

Or how about a venue for a get together for whatever reason?

You don’t need to worry about getting your house, as we provide a clean starting space which is easy to manage.

Bar: The Acorn suite doesn’t have a self contained bar unlike the Oakleaf suite but arrangements can be made to serve a small selection of bottled drinks. Please state you would like this in your hiring enquiry.


Interested in hiring the Acorn Suite or want to see yourself the why not enquire with us. Full contact information is available on our enquiries page.

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  1. We are looking for a venue for our daughters engagement the second week in February 2016. We are Aughton residents

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