Carry on Reading in Ormskirk

Also on in Ormskirk: Wednesday 28th October from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “Carry on Reading in Ormskirk” is an event organised by Galloways Society for the Blind, a local charity based in Penwortham. The ability to read is often taken for granted, but can be difficult, especially when we cannot see too well. Lots […]

Coffee and Open Morning

Aughton Village Hall is hosting a MacMillan coffee and open morning at 10.00 am on 27th September 2014. The event is to raise money for MacMillan Cancer research and allow to community to visit the hall to see how it can benifit them. We will be joined by the Southport Actor David Lonsdale, who starred […]

Spot On 2014

Autumn has begun and the Spot On events return to provide some entertaining warmth until christmas. Aughton Village Hall will host Ben Osborne on the 9th November but there are various events across Lancashire for you to enjoy. See the Spot On Autumn 2014 guide for full details.

Spot On – Ben Osborne

The nights are drawing in, although we still have the odd nice day of weather it’s heading back towards winter, but as autumn passes Spot On Lancashire have a warming programme of events to keep you entertained. Aughton Village Hall will be hosting Ben Osborne, who returns to Aughton Village Hall for another adventure. He […]

Bar Selection

We are busy choosing a few new lines to add to our existing selection behind the bar. A new range of soft drinks and beer will be available soon and a few new guest wines available. We will now be stocking Spitfire along with Old Speckled Hen.